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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Journey

I have been on a journey to live the dream that I have for a few years.  As is often the case, the birth of my son three years ago really kicked this yearning into high gear.  I began to learn more about organics, and to explore ways that I can use my small city lot to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  This would be easier perhaps, if I lived on a few acres, but I am a believer in making the best of the situation which you are in.

Most recently, I am focusing on reducing the clutter in my home and in my life, and on trying to be more organized.  It is wasteful to buy things more than once because I cannot find what I am looking for.  My son is now three years old, and his care is less demanding during the day which gives me more time to reach this goal.  I am also working on cooking healthy foods for my family and plan to share great recipes that I try.

I hope that you are reading here because you have similar goals or are already living the dream that I have.  In either case, I would love to hear from you.

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